Picasso Multi Slim

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An Affordable Combined Solution For Cryolipolysis

If you think Picasso Cryo is a little bit expensive for your business, then Picasso Multi Slim would be your perfect solution to get involved in this high ROI slimming treatment with remarkably small investment.

  • Combined Technologies for Optimal Results
  • Clinically Proven Treatment Solution
  • Generates Industry Leading ROI
  • No Patient Downtime
  • Portable Design


Safe and Effective for All

With 4 technologies combined in one portable device, you can reduce fat on multiple areas of the body. You can even help your patient create an individualized treatment plan tailored just for her.

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CryoSculpt ET • Multifuntional Cryolipolysis • Treatment
CryoSculpt ET • Multifuntional Cryolipolysis • Technology


Combined Application

Cryolipolysis, 6-polar radio frequency, 40 KHz cavitation and lipo laser. These four technologies allow you to provide highly effective and tailored treatments for a variety of challenging obesity concerns. With these four treatments, you can easily handle. You can treat all areas of the body, treat all skin types, and meet the needs of all populations.

German Tubes

The tubes are imported from Germany. It’s more elastic, much more comfortable to touch, and of course, more durable. What we do is to make the machine elegant enough to fit your business.

Easy to Controll

When you are trying to find the best setting for a patient, you can easily control the settings with the touch screen on each handpiece.



Cryolipolysis handpiece freezes away stubborn fat located in abdomen and buttocks.

Specification: 14 x 8cm

6-Polar Radio Frequency

Radio frequency increases metabolism and blood circulation, giving enhanced results and stimulating the formation of collagen, leaving a better skin texture.

Specification: 5 MHz


Cavitation breaks down the rest of fat after cryolipolyssi procedure and further reshape the body by some massaging techniques.

Specification: 40KHz

Lipo Laser

Lipo Laser strengthen the all results of the former procedures.

Specification: 650nm, 9 diodes, 50mV per each.


CryoSculpt ET • Specification

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